optimizing utility by problem solving

Our Approach

Whether we performing a longitudinal RCT, Outcome Harvesting for monitoring, a needs assessment or a policy, planning or strategy review, we focus on the decision making that we are informing and see that as our ultimate measure of success. Our toolkits can be integrated into any analytical process at any stage to identify the optimal design and management to inform the targeted decision-making.  Hence we are able to facilitate collaboration and build capacity while improving performance.

What is "end use"?

End use is factoring in the needs, capabilities, perceptions and mandates of the end user into the design and management of the analytical process.  Our products are not only reports or learning agendas but presentations, discussions and other forms of collaboration that not only create for better analysis but facilitate the use of that analysis.  

Why Systems?

Social problems are complex and fluid.  Using a systems framework to unpack this complexity creates a manageable approach to informing, testing and adapting solutions in a manageable fashion. We provide various systems based tools like Social Network Analysis, Complexity Diagnostic Assessments, Value Network Analysis and others to better understand how critical factors like information, influence, value and other contributing factors affect targeted outcomes. 



Social outcomes require behavior change, it is just an issue of how complex and how effective the behavior is achieved.  We use various behavior change design and evaluation methods to assess the required Capacity, Opportunity and Motivation to achieve the desired behavior and the relevant mechanisms and measures to assess how they are influenced.  Our tools include COM-B frameworks, Realist Evaluation, Mechanism Design and Behavioral Economics tools.