Getting to sustainability

Our Approach

We advocate a systems based approach to problem solving with a human centered design.  We believe that social problems are complex and that this complexity must be managed if sustainable solutions are to result.  Hence we build on much of the learning around human centered design, behavioral economics, systems thinking and complexity in developing manageable solutions to the problems facing our clients.  We apply these principles with the end user in mind whether we are developing a proposal or conducting an evaluation.  Our success is dependent upon people using our work.  Hence everything we do is designed towards end use and that is how we measure success.  


What is "end use"?

End use is factoring in the needs, capabilities, perceptions and mandates of the end user into the design and management of the proposal, project, or evaluation.  While integrating the latest learning and rigor, we hold utility as a prime objective.  

Why Systems?

Social problems are complex and ever changing.  Using a systems framework to unpack this complexity creates a manageable approach to informing, testing and adapting solutions in a manageable fashion.