human centered blockchains

Leveraging the Blockchain for Social Impact 


The Blockchain has much to offer for social outcomes that can be applied to issues like land titling, supply chains, humanitarian service delivery, voting and a variety of other applications.  However we realize the lessons learned/difficulties from previous experience leveraging technological solutions to social problems.  This experience highlights the need to take a human centered approach for the organizational and regulatory environment, keeping the needs and capacity of the end user in mind when designing, applying and adapting the technology. 


We are able to bring an operational knowledge of the technology that drives the blockchain and combine it with our rich development experience which enables us to bridge the gap between the coders/technologists and development professionals, field staff and beneficiaries. Our Approach to blockchain adoption looks at the regulatory, organizational and technological barriers to create a holistic solution based on context.

Our Approach

We use evidence from various policy/institutional reform and technology innovation adoption frameworks to create tailored solutions that focuses on the regulatory, organizational and technological eco-system(s) in order to craft solutions that are context appropriate and institutionalize sustainability of blockchain outcomes.  

Current Work

At present we are working with several partners in piloting blockchain solutions in refugee camps to provide reliable access to funds in a timely fashion.  Other partners are working on financial inclusion, better use of impact data, TVET and certified identity.