human centered blockchains

Leveraging the Blockchain for Social Impact 


Blockchain technology has incredible potential to be a tool for positive social impact if used correctly.  This requires a focus on problem solving in building solutions that integrate relevant skills from Computer Science, Programming, Game Theory, Behavioral Economics and Social Impact amongst others.  Emergence is leading this charge through its collaborations with Token Engineers, Cryptoeconomists and others in optimizing this technology for use in social impact. 


Emergence has demonstrated its knowledge of DLT technology through its work with the UN, Academic Institutions and others in research on tokenizing transportation ecosystems, incentivizing responsible health practices and effective data management.  

Our Approach

Social impact is dependent on achieving the behaviors necessary for desired outcomes and in order for blockchain technology to be a tool to this end, they must be designed to achieve this behavior change in a measurable manner in order to iteratively improve its design.  To this end, Emergence has partnered with leading Token Engineers, Cryptoeconomists and Social Impact practitioners to develop the guidance, protocols and tools we need to bring these various disciplines together in solving social problems.  

Current Work

At present we are working with partners like the Vienna Institute for Cryptoeconomics, Notre Dame, various social impact service providers and NGOs in creating and fulfilling an Action Agenda to developing the initial protocols and tools to use blockchain technology as an effective behavior change tool.  Our publications can be seen on under the "Papers" section.